La Piccola

La Piccola, founded by Gian Luca Venturelli, is a young and dynamic company operating in the manufacture of coffee machines using paper pods, a market niche which has seen good development in the last few years and is still expanding strongly.

100% made in Italy

In a world where globalisation is spreading rapidly, La Piccola has proudly chosen to defend Italian industry. Our coffee pod machines are built entirely in Italy using specialised techniques and the best raw materials. Continual research into new lines and new solutions is combined with the search for great design to place La Piccola firmly in the glorious aesthetic and functional tradition of Italian espresso coffee machines.

Quality materials

Our decision to use noble raw materials (brass, stainless etc.) and to exclude others (aluminium, for example), is dictated by a specific wish to achieve a finished product which is not only good but also safe. We need to remember that during its preparation, coffee inevitably picks up traces of the materials with which it comes into contact. In coffee machines, the water – solvent par excellence – is rich in tannins. It is heated to high temperatures and flows through circuits made up of various materials. It is therefore very important to monitor the quality and provenance of the materials as closely as possible.

Italian espresso abroad

Our pod machines make espresso preparation very practical and easy, even in countries where there is no tradition of espresso coffee. The pod makes it easier to export the Italian espresso ritual.
Pods can easily be taken anywhere, and they keep the aroma intact until the moment of preparation. Preparing espresso with automatic machines can be done by anyone.



Vad är Espresso Pods?

Våra pods har ett standardiserat format som är mycket populärt och vanligt, speciellt i södra europa. E.S.E. står för Easy Serving Espresso.


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